Barb Nash vs Shannon Erikson


It's Time to Fire Extreme Erickson

The current representative for District 124 is too extreme. Shannon Erickson:

  • Supports removing a woman’s right to decide her own reproductive healthcare. 

  • Led the effort to divert funds to private education, gutting the public education our kids need.

  • Voted Yes to Open Carry and NO to Gun Sense. 

  • Threatens your healthcare by allowing healthcare providers to deny care for any reason.

  • Supports Trump. She has endorsed or stayed silent, letting his actions and lies threaten our democracy.

    Shannon is too extreme for the lowcountry.

I Care About Healthcare!

SC ranks near the bottom in access to healthcare. Medical bills are a leading cause of personal bankruptcy, and rural hospitals are closing at an alarming rate. Almost 17% of the citizens in SC are not covered by any form of health insurance. For House District 124 that translates into 6,500 people who either have to pay out of pocket or forgo healthcare. For Beaufort County that number is around 187,000.


The Solution

We must expand access to Medicaid as it addresses these problems and translates into greater economic growth and a healthier workforce. Improving public transportation would contribute greatly to access to healthcare, especially for citizens in more rural areas.

I Care About Education!

Public education serves as the backbone of our state by ensuring the health of our democracy, development of our economy, and the strength of our communities.  Our children cannot participate in the economy of the future from a failed education system of the past. SC continues to rank at the bottom in education.


We are home to a State Legislature that has failed to provide a “minimally adequate education” to our children. The same legislators who have broken our education system cannot be entrusted to fix public education.

The broken public education system has resulted in the growth of charter and church-based schools, the neglect of aging infrastructure, the lack of 21st century technology equipment, and de-facto segregation. 


The Solution

A better education for our children would include fully funding schools per state law, providing universal pre K, increasing teacher pay, reducing class size, and expanding trade/apprentice and technical programs. 

I Care About the Environment!

Beaufort is called the Lowcountry for a reason; we are only 4 feet above sea level. That fact places Beaufort at ground zero for flooding due to rising sea levels.  Sixty percent of the county is either water or marsh and the remaining 40% is being developed at a rapid rate. Barrier islands need to be protected from development.  Living on the coast, the beaches and marshes are not only essential to tourism, but they are a part of what makes the Lowcountry home. Studies show offshore drilling is detrimental to the environment.

The Solution

We cannot allow ANY offshore drilling if we want to keep the Lowcountry a haven of thriving coastline. By focusing mainly on wind and solar energy sources, we can increase the quality of life here in the Lowcountry, while providing more jobs for our residents; all the while combating the climate crisis. This is a top priority. If we cannot drink the water or breathe the air NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

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These issues matter most for the Lowcountry.