Below are organizations which endorse Barb, and the reasons for their endorsements.

Planned Parenthood


Barb is committed to protecting women, including access to reproductive freedom.

Progressive Turnout Project

Barb promises to support common-sense gun safety regulations.

Gun Sense Candidate

Moms Demand Action

3.14 Action Fund

Barb will support policies that address the impact of climate change on our state.

Barb vows to protect the fundamental right to vote for all citizens in our state.

From Elayne Scott, Mary Mack and John Glover, on St. Helena Island

We support Barb Nash, Democratic candidate for South Carolina House District 124.  This seat is presently held by Shannon Erickson. We believe that Shannon Erickson is too extreme on many of the issues such as healthcare, education, guns and infrastructure. In particular, we support Barb Nash for her policies on healthcare. As a licensed healthcare professional Barb believes that healthcare providers should serve their community fully, and that healthcare should not be denied to any person for any reason. Ms. Nash took a professional oath to provide healthcare to everyone in need. 

We are supporting Barb because she represents freedoms in which we believe. We know once these freedoms are lost it will take generations, if ever, for them to be restored. In particular, our concerns regard protection from extremes, and protection of the freedom for women’s rights, freedom for fair elections, freedom from military style assault weapons, freedom to marry the person you love, freedom to read all books, freedom to teach American History, and freedom to breathe clean air and drink clean water. 

Our belief in the preservation of our American way of life is why we are asking you to support Barb Nash with your vote on November 8th 2022, and with a donation to her campaign. 

Please help us put a Democratic voice in our Statehouse.